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Our Farms

Our Greenhouse and Packinghouse

Inside our facilities, we work under the strictest standards of quality and safety. Our infrastructure and technology allows us to give our customers better results and satisfaction.

Our efficiency and workforce allows us to be very cautious on the best results for all stages:

  • Planting
  • Growing
  • Harvesting

  • Planting: It all starts with the best NO GMO seed. We control on every stage of the plant pest in a NATURAL way, we have biological control, it means that we bring friendly-plant and good bugs to control population of unfriendly-plant and harmful bugs. This is the best way for our plants and for our customers.

    Growing: All our plants are grown hydroponically, our drip irrigation system ensures we give each plan the best nutrition demanded.

    Harvesting: Everything we grow is picked until it is ripened on the vine, this allows us to give our customer a rich flavored and nutritious fruit.

    This can make us better day by day and to better manage hydroponics also we implement good agricultural practices and with that we can give you the best quality and the most safety products.


    MAAS is based in protected environment, this allows us to provide you products almost free of pesticides and chemicals.

    We are a socially responsible company that is committed to our society and our environment. That's why we donate a portion of our production to food banks for people who need it most, and we take care of our environment with less chemical applications and do a better water use.