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Who we are:

We are a family owned hydroponic greenhouse company which grows, packs and distributes fresh and delicious produce to consumers for about a decade.
We are part of Nu3 group of agro-business owned by the García family for three generation, our greenhouse emerges on 2007 from our passion to agro.


-Team Work.

Our History

It all started back in 1951, when Enrique García Arciga started swine production. Over time as the family grew, new agro food business emerged from our love to agriculture. In 1985 the brand Nu3 is settled as the group mark. Today our companies join to form an integral agro alimentary cycle which allows us to ensure quality of our products at each stage of the process, achieving our goal to carry out the best and freshest products from our farms to your loved ones.
You can now more about Nu3 group at Grupo Nu3


We care:

We care for bringing safer and healthier fresh products to our customers with the total awareness of providing safer environments for our workers, these are our certifications and policies which guarantees food safety, supply chain security and responsible sourcing.

Primus Global Food Safety
Socially Responsible Company
Child free labor distinctive
Bio-terrorism awareness program

We care for our planet, we join efforts to contribute for a healthier planet through our sustainability initiatives: Renewable energy, water recycling, reduction of paper use and usage of kraft carton.

We care for our consumers, as we are aware of illness increasing on the planet, our mandate is to provide healthy and Non GMO nutritious food.

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